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Exploring Emotional Wellness: The Role of a Psychologist at Empowered Emotions Psychology

In the realm of mental health, the benefits of counselling provided by a qualified therapist or psychologist are unparalleled, especially for those grappling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and trauma. Empowered Emotions Psychology in Alberta stands out by offering virtual psychotherapy that combines mindfulness and compassion-centered techniques to foster emotional resilience and personal growth.

What Does a Psychologist Do?

A psychologist engages with clients to understand and modify emotional and behavioral patterns. At Empowered Emotions Psychology, Leigh-Anne, a Registered Psychologist, specializes in treating complex emotional issues through counselling. Her approach is designed to help clients overcome personal challenges by understanding their emotional triggers and developing effective coping mechanisms.

Virtual Counselling Services

Anxiety Management

Anxiety can cripple one’s ability to function effectively in daily life. Through virtual counselling, clients learn to manage anxiety by understanding its roots and triggers. Techniques such as mindfulness help in maintaining focus on the present, reducing overwhelming feelings that anxiety often brings.

Enhancing Self-Esteem

Self-esteem issues can penetrate various facets of life, causing dissatisfaction and a lack of fulfillment. Counselling sessions at Empowered Emotions Psychology aim to bolster self-esteem by addressing and reshaping negative self-talk, a common barrier to positive self-perception.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma can leave a lasting impact on mental and emotional health. Leigh-Anne, as an experienced therapist, assists clients in navigating their past traumas through therapeutic techniques that focus on understanding and healing. This involves exploring emotional responses and re-framing traumatic memories.

The Impact of Mindfulness and Compassion in Therapy

Mindfulness and compassion are integral to the therapeutic practices led by Leigh-Anne. These methodologies not only enhance the counselling process but also equip clients with tools to handle emotional distress more adeptly.

Mindfulness in Practice

Mindfulness encourages clients to stay aware of the current moment without judgment. This practice helps in dissociating from negative or intrusive thoughts that can dominate one’s mental landscape, particularly useful in managing anxiety and stress.

Compassion-Focused Therapy

This type of therapy promotes an attitude of kindness towards oneself and others, which is crucial in healing emotional wounds. It emphasizes understanding one’s pain and responding with sympathy and kindness rather than self-criticism.

Leigh-Anne Lawrence: A Compassionate Psychologist

Leigh-Anne Lawrence holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling from City University of Seattle and is a respected member of the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. Her expertise in counselling focuses on creating a personalized therapeutic experience that promotes self-awareness and emotional growth.

Leigh-Anne's approach is characterized by her ability to identify and modify unhelpful thinking patterns and problematic communication styles. By fostering an environment of self-awareness and proactive change, she helps clients achieve a healthier mental state and improved life quality.

Beginning Your Journey with Empowered Emotions Psychology

Empowered Emotions Psychology welcomes new clients with a complimentary 15-minute consultation. This initial meeting allows individuals to discuss their needs and goals for therapy, ensuring that the counselling process is tailored to their specific situations.

For those interested in learning more about the services or booking a consultation, visiting the Empowered Emotions Psychology website provides easy access to further information and contact details.


Choosing to work with a psychologist or therapist like Leigh-Anne can significantly impact one's mental health journey. Through virtual counselling sessions that incorporate mindfulness and compassion, individuals are empowered to face their emotional challenges and make meaningful changes in their lives. Whether addressing daily stressors, anxiety, or traumatic experiences, the support offered by Empowered Emotions Psychology aims to cultivate emotional resilience and promote a path toward healing and self-discovery.

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